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Criminal Defense Archives

N.C. Legislature Expands Eligibility for Criminal Record Expunctions

On July 28, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed Senate Bill 445 into law, making it easier for those convicted of non-violent crimes to have their criminal records "expunged." An expungement has the effect of "erasing" a record of arrest or criminal conviction from public view. This law, which broadens eligibility for expunctions, will increase access to jobs and educational opportunities for many individuals with a criminal history.

False confessions are all too common. Would you confess?

The Innocence Project reports that more than one out of four people who have been convicted of a crime and were later exonerated by DNA evidence made a false confession or an incriminating statement. It might be difficult to understand why someone would admit to a crime, but with a thorough understanding of the psychology of interrogation and social influence, it becomes easier to see how a false confession could happen.

Criminal defense following attempted murder charge

There is much debate about treatment of the mentally ill. Despite the debate, some people who suffer find it difficult to seek help either because they do not know where to go or cannot afford help. A woman in North Carolina who reportedly has a history of mental illness may be considering her criminal defense after she was arrested and charged with attempted homicide.

North Carolina homicide leads to arrest

In the aftermath of a tragic event, people often act in unexpected ways. Shock, for example, can cause people to act in ways that are out-of-character. Police in North Carolina are now accusing a man of lying to them as they investigate the homicide of another man. The former has since been arrested on murder charges.

North Carolina homicide case leaves father facing murder charges

For many in North Carolina, the death of a loved one is the worst thing imaginable. Unfortunately, one man is not only facing such a loss as a result of an alleged homicide, but he must also cope with allegations that he is responsible for his wife and young child's deaths. He recently appeared in court after being released from the hospital.

North Carolina criminal defense: Drug possession charges

There are some in North Carolina who find themselves facing drug charges. Without an extensive education in law, some may find themselves struggling to fully comprehend the import of the charges they face as well as the potential consequences. Fully understanding the charges a person faces is the first step toward deciding on a criminal defense.

Arrest made in North Carolina triple homicide

Marriage is not easy. Many couples who love each other very much often struggle to have a successful marriage. In some cases, a relationship can suffer from the extra stress of mental illness. Unfortunately, a North Carolina woman, whose family members claim could be mentally ill, has recently been arrested in a triple homicide. One of the victims is said to be her husband.

North Carolina teacher accused of assault on a child

Some in North Carolina would argue that teachers are held to a higher standard when it comes to their relationships with children. Perhaps this is somewhat expected due to the nature of their profession, but those who teach could be at a disadvantage if someone accused them of abuse of a child. Because of the higher standard, officials could be quicker to make an arrest, regardless of the evidence for or against that person. Unfortunately, one teacher has now found herself facing criminal charges because of allegations regarding two children, including child abuse and assault on a child.

Ex-boyfriend arrested in North Carolina homicide

When a young person dies as a result of mysterious circumstances, families -- understandably -- demand justice. Because of this, police and other authorities are eager to provide answers and make an arrest. In many cases, this could mean that police make decisions based past experience rather than conducting a thorough investigation. For example, it is sometimes easy to assume that a homicide victim's significant other is the guilty party. A young man in North Carolina has recently been arrested in connection with the alleged homicide of his former girlfriend.

Woman faces criminal charges after homicide

When a suspicious death occurs, authorities must work to figure out the cause of the death and the events leading up to it. By providing answers and assigning blame, police are hoping to provide surviving loved ones with a sense of justice and restore a sense of safety in the community. However, a homicide investigation is complex and often requires time in order to answer all the questions stemming from a death. One woman in North Carolina has recently found herself facing criminal charges after police were called to the scene of an alleged shooting.