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Two men taken into custody on drug charges

Two men who were taken into custody in North Carolina on June 13 allegedly had almost a pound of cocaine in their possession. The men were detained around 2:30 in the afternoon. The 37-year-old man is a resident of North Carolina, and although the 26-year-old man gave a California address, he is actually from Canada according to federal immigration officials.

Because the men allegedly had more than 400 grams of cocaine, they were charged with trafficking. A Class D felony, which involves having 400 grams or more of cocaine, carries a sentence of between 175 and 222 months. They were also charged in association with using the house they were in to store and sell drugs and with conspiracy to traffic. The 37-year-old man was charged with possession of a stolen gun and possession of oxycodone, a misdemeanor.

Their bail was set at $1 million each. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plan to take the Canadian man into custody if he is released and asked the sheriff's office to hold him for 48 hours if they intended to release him.

A person who is facing drug charges may want to consult a drug charges criminal defense lawyer. These types of charges can be serious, but there are steps a person can take to defend against them. A lawyer may be able to help the person strategize based on the circumstances. For example, how the evidence was obtained may be an issue. If it was obtained illegally or the person's rights were violated, the evidence may not be admitted. A plea bargain, in which the person pleads guilty to lesser charges for a lighter sentence, may also be a possibility.

Source: News Observer, "Two men arrested at North Raleigh home on cocaine-trafficking charges," Ron Gallagher, 6/14/2018


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