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Dysart Willis

North Carolina man faces serious drug and gun charges

Federal, state and city officials say their combined investigation of a North Carolina man has gone on for years. The 39-year-old was recently arrested by law enforcement officers with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the State Bureau of Investigation and the Salisbury Police Department.

The Rockwell resident has been charged with trafficking and manufacturing methamphetamine, weapons violations and other charges.

Officials said the investigation began back in 2014, targeting meth manufacturing and trafficking.

The Rowan County man was served a state search warrant at his home before his arrest.

This past summer, the suspect had reported a home robbery to the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department. However, investigating deputies came to believe that the incident was really an armed, drug-related home invasion targeting the suspect.

Officials said that they learned in the course of their investigation that the man had been similarly targeted in the past and had not reported those incidents to law enforcement, a news report stated.

During two searches of his home, officials seized more than 600 grams of meth, more than two grams of cocaine and less than a gram of heroin. They also confiscated three firearms and several thousand dollars in cash. They also said they found in his home items used in the manufacture of meth, such as a pair of one-pot labs.

Clearly, the suspect could spend years of his life in prison, if convicted. Anyone in similar circumstances should analyze their legal options with the help of an attorney experienced in drug crime defense.