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Dysart Willis

Raleigh coach faces felony sex crime charges

A Raleigh basketball coach is facing some of the most serious criminal charges possible. The 42-year-old Wake Forest resident is facing multiple sex crimes charges, a North Carolina TV station has reported.

He has been charged with two felony counts of second-degree forcible sex. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of sexual battery, the station reported.

The man is accused of committing an unspecified sex act against a teenager's will at his home. He is also accused of forcibly touching her in a "sexual manner" in the allegedly July 20 incident, according to an arrest warrant.

The TV station reports that he coaches basketball at Raleigh's Trinity Academy, where he was hired back in 2014. It is not clear from the article on the station's website if the accusations against him have resulted in the school firing him from his job.

He had been expected to coach at the school during the upcoming basketball season.

The school says the allegations do not involve a Trinity Academy student; the institution identifies itself on its website as "a classical Christian school."

The coach has been barred from school property and the locks on the facility's doors have been changed. The suspect also coaches with the Wake County Basketball Association, the news report stated. His current employment status with the organization is also unclear. 

Those charged with similar crimes should wait to speak to police and prosecutors until after they have spoken with a Raleigh criminal defense attorney experienced in sex crime defense.