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Dysart Willis

North Carolina drug bust includes swim, shark and drone

Raleigh residents who make the two-hour drive to Surf City know that the small North Carolina town is known for its ocean beach, waves and moderate climate. It is now also known as the place where a 20-year-old man recently evaded arrest by running from police, diving into the ocean and swimming away.

Even the most refreshing dips in the water must eventually come to an end, however, and the man was arrested on his return to shore. He is now facing drug charges as well as charges of resisting arrest and obstructing an officer.

Law enforcement officials said the man was in possession of both methamphetamine and marijuana.

Video of the Washington man's swim taken by a police drone has gone viral. The footage shows the man thousands of feet offshore. Apparently unbeknownst to him, he was being tracked by a five-foot-long shark as he swam.

The drone video shows the shark trailing him at one point and then swimming parallel to him at another.

The incident began as a traffic stop, Surf City law enforcement officials said. Officers apparently saw contraband on the passenger seat of the vehicle the man was driving. When he was asked to step out of the vehicle, he did so and then fled on foot to the beach.

After a marathon three-hour swim, he finally came ashore and was taken into custody by waiting police officers.

The legal ordeal he faces now includes the possibility of a felony conviction, incarceration, fines and more. You can speak with an experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorney if you face similarly harsh punishments.