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Dysart Willis

North Carolina teacher charged with child sex crimes

As our Raleigh readers know, there are few charges that can filed against you in North Carolina more serious than the ones a 29-year-old Charlotte teacher is facing. The elementary school teacher was arrested a couple of weeks ago on child sex charges, released on bond and then arrested again within the past few days on added charges of indecent liberties with a child and indecent liberties with a student.

The teacher now faces 26 charges involving alleged child sex violations. According to law enforcement officials, the incidents took place at overnight student camps he held in his home.

Police say they believe 13 students could be victims if the allegations are true. Detectives claim to have found evidence that the fifth grade teacher inappropriately touched male juveniles during the mentoring stays in his home.

The teacher ran a summer program called G.U.D.B.O.Y.S. (Gentleman Understanding Destiny By Overcoming Your Statistics).

According to a newspaper report, a 10-year-old boy said that while he was showering at the camp, the teacher entered the bathroom and said the boy had not washed properly. The teacher then reportedly used a washcloth to wash "under his arms, his chest and his genitals."

According to the report, the boy felt uncomfortable with the teacher's actions.

Clearly, the suspect in this case faces the possibility of years in prison if convicted.

For him and for others facing similar accusations, the first step in defending yourself is to find an attorney experienced in protecting client rights and freedoms.