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Sex crime charges dropped against North Carolina football player

For many people who read news articles about criminal accusations, the assumption they make is that the person accused is guilty. While stories about arrests often result in attention-grabbing headlines, articles about charges being dropped, dismissed or reduced are often ignored by news media or given relatively scant attention.

Sometimes media pays attention when charges are dropped against someone famous, however. That appears to be the case in the recent dismissal of sex crime charges against a North Carolina football player.

He had been accused last September of misdemeanor sexual battery and assault on a fellow student. According to the article, an Orange County prosecutor dismissed charges because "the matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties."

The reserve linebacker was indefinitely suspended from the team, but several recent news articles have said that he has been reinstated to the Tar Heels squad. He has said he's still enrolled and that he is keeping his football options open.

The arrest warrant reportedly stated that he had sex with a female student when she was "mentally incapacitated and physically helpless." The player denied the accusation, saying that the encounter was consensual.

After law enforcement and prosecutors said that the evidence did not indicate that felony charges should be filed, the woman called a press conference to announce that she was pursuing misdemeanor charges against the man.

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