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Dysart Willis

New Jersey fugitive cop arrested in Raleigh by federal agent

If you left Raleigh right now and drove northeast for about eight and a half hours, you would come to Asbury Park in New Jersey. The seaside town is famous for its beach, boardwalk and Bruce Springsteen connection. In recent days, it has also become known for the former police officer who fled an organized crime trial.

The ex-cop was arrested by federal law enforcement a few days ago in Raleigh. The extradition process was reported to be underway to return him to New Jersey and possible federal charges.

According to a newspaper report, the 48-year-old was arrested by a deputy U.S. Marshal outside of a strip mall here. The 16-year police veteran was on trial with two other men accused of organized crime activity in Asbury Park.

Law enforcement officials believe he was relaying to gang members information about police investigations. He is also accused of stalking a woman who rejected his romantic overtures.

The former cop stopped attending his trial and was seen packing belongings in a rental moving truck.

The article on his capture says he was taken into custody after a cooperative effort by U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive task forces in Raleigh and back home in New Jersey. Apparently officials in New Jersey, including prosecutor's detectives, a pair of county sheriff's officers and a deputy U.S. Marshal, developed information linking the fugitive to North Carolina.

The group came here and had the former cop under surveillance before his capture as he walked to his car at a strip mall.

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