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Dysart Willis

Drunk driving arrests and much more at checkpoint near Raleigh

Just a few miles southeast of Raleigh, law enforcement officials said they recently arrested or charged nearly 100 people who had been stopped at a DWI checkpoint on Highway 70.

Seven people were arrested for drunk driving by police officers at the checkpoint, while others face drug possession charges, weapons violations and other charges, according to report by Raleigh's channel 11 news.

Clayton police conducted the checkpoint with the help of officers from nearby towns, as well as the North Carolina Highway Patrol and county sheriff's office.

The list of arrests includes four weapons violations, including one person arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm. Other gun charges: possession of a stolen firearm, a felony concealed weapon charge and a concealed-carry charge.

The 14 drug-related charges include two felony cocaine possession allegations, a charge of cocaine possession with intent to distribute, as well as possession with intent to distribute marijuana and a simple charge of marijuana possession.

One person was arrested for having an outstanding failure to appear in court warrant.

Thirty people were charged with driving without a license, while 10 others were charged with driving on a revoked license.

About two dozen other traffic and registration charges were also filed that night.

Many people face nothing more than the potential of fines for possible infractions, while several face prison if convicted on much more serious charges.

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