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The importance of a strong criminal defense attorney

History is replete with stories about people wrongfully convicted of heinous crimes, spending decades in jail only to be released when someone recants their story or new evidence is found. Many times it is a key witness who finally comes forward with truthful testimony or new technology that was not previously available (such as DNA evidence) disproves the prosecution’s case.

The story of a man who was recently released after spending 22 years in prison exemplifies the struggles that many people accused of crimes go through. According to a media report, law enforcement officers allegedly concealed evidence that would have exonerated the man. They also destroyed and altered evidence that would have been helpful to his defense, and the prosecutor on the case pressured a key witness to testify in a way that doomed the man’s case. 

The officials in this case now stand accused of various forms of misconduct.

Now consider that those accused of crimes do not have the resources that prosecutors’ offices have. The manpower and technology to conduct detailed investigations can be overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with the legal system. Because of this, a person facing the possibility of their freedom being taken away must have experienced legal counsel to protect their rights and to prevent injustices like the story above from happening.

It remains to be seen whether those officials will be criminally prosecuted.

In the meantime, if you have been charged with a crime, a conversation with an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential.