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Dysart Willis

Massive FBI crackdown on alleged Bloods results in 76 arrests

The gang stretches from North Carolina to California and back again. Though the loose organization has no national leader, the United Blood Nation has a membership estimated to be from 20,000 to 25,000 members, including here in Raleigh. The gang is known for a wide range of activities that include drug trafficking, robbery and burglary.

The city of Charlotte recently teamed up with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a crackdown on alleged Bloods gang members. Officials said that 83 United Blood Nation members were indicted recently in the North Carolina Western District. Seventy-six of them have been arrested by federal law enforcement agents or were already in custody, according to a statement from the FBI.

Twenty-seven of those who were named in the 162-page indictment were already in custody, officials said.

The massive raid operation was executed by a force including more than 600 federal agents, as well as police officers from Charlotte, Cleveland County and eastern North Carolina.

Arrests were also made in South Carolina, Florida, New York and Virginia, law enforcement officials said.

Charges include federal racketeering conspiracy, as well as charges involving homicide, attempted murder, drug distribution, assault, robbery and firearms violations. Some defendants are also accused of bank fraud, ID theft and wire fraud in financial crimes, officials said.

The charges against the alleged gang members include some accusations with the most severe punishments available in the criminal justice system. Before speaking with prosecutors or police, defendants can speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney.