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Dysart Willis

Drug charges filed after sweep by North Carolina cops

If you drive almost due west of Raleigh for three hours, you will arrive in Morganton. The city of 16,000-plus was recently the epicenter of a two-day law enforcement operation that resulted in 49 warrants on 30 different people in counties around the area.

Many of those arrested in the sweep face drug charges, including possession of illegal drugs with the intent to distribute. The oldest among those arrested is a Hickory man, 56, who is accused of methamphetamine possession.

The youngest among those charged is a 24-year-old Connelly Springs man facing a felony charge of meth possession, as well as a probation violation and a failure to appear in court.

Also taken into custody: a 27-year-old Connelly Springs woman accused of felony possession with intent to manufacture, sell or distribute controlled substances. She's also accused of failing to appear in court on a previous charge of marijuana possession.

According to a news report, a 32-year-old Morganton man was arrested for failing to appear to answer charges of meth possession, possession of scheduled II and IV controlled substance, larceny, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and a probation violation.

Two Hickory men, 46 and 42, who share an address, were arrested for trafficking methamphetamine, opium and heroin. In addition to that felony, they face another: maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place for controlled substances.

A 45-year-old Hickory man faces several accusations, including a misdemeanor charge of failing to appear in court as scheduled for a driving while impaired case. He's also facing charges of driving with a revoked license and resisting, obstructing and delaying.

Clearly, those who have been arrested on drug trafficking charges face the real possibility of loss of freedom if they are convicted. For them, a conversation with an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first step in the process of protecting their rights and liberty.