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Dysart Willis

Raleigh man sentenced to eight years in federal prison

A Raleigh man who is 28 years old now will be 36 when he is released from a federal prison. According to a recent report, the North Carolina man was arrested a little over a year ago in New Hampshire and charged with possession of materials used to manufacture methamphetamine. He was also charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth.

United States Attorney Emily Gray Rice said the man pleaded guilty to the charges and has been sentenced to 96 months (eight years) in federal prison on the drug charges.

According to the prosecutor, the man was picked up by co-defendants at a Vermont bus station in late January of last year. They then drove to Lebanon, New Hampshire, stopping along the way several times to buy ingredients used in making meth.

One they arrived in the New Hampshire town, the North Carolina man began manufacturing methamphetamine. When police later arrived at the residence, he tried to flush those ingredients down a toilet.

Law enforcement officials said that when they executed a search warrant, they found evidence that showed the presence of meth manufactured using the "one-pot method."

After the man serves his time in prison, he will have an additional three years of supervised release, the prosecutor said.

Anyone facing similar charges should understand that a conviction can mean years of life behind bars. In some situations, an experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorney can negotiate a deferral or even dismissal of federal drug charges.

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