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North Carolina mayor's federal sentence ends

He spent nearly two years in a federal prison and has spent recent months in home confinement, but former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon's punishment has come to an end.

Cannon was charged with federal crimes in March of 2014 with public corruption after undercover FBI agents posing as real estate developers gave him tens of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Court documents indicate that the FBI launched its investigation of Cannon back in August of 2010 after receiving information that the then-council member was taking part in illegal activities involving his public office.

In November of 2013, he was elected mayor of Charlotte, but resigned a few months later after a slew of federal charges against him were announced. The initial charges included honest services wire fraud, extortion, theft of federal funds, bribery and more.

In June of 2014, he pled guilty to the wire fraud charge. Cannon began serving a 44-month sentence at a West Virginia federal prison late that year.

According to a TV station report, Cannon served slightly more than half of his prison sentence, getting time off for good behavior and completion of a drug abuse program (for an alcohol abuse problem).

The article says he also served slightly more than four months of his sentence in home confinement.

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