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How long until I can drive again after a DUI?

You were out celebrating the end of finals week. You were exhausted after the all night-er you pulled to study for the last exam but wanted to celebrate with your friends. You didn't notice that you shouldn't drive. The police, however, did. They pulled you over and asked you to do a breathalyzer which you failed.

It was a mistake

Blowing a 0.08 percent blood alcohol content level means you are facing a DUI charge. It was a mistake. But it looks like it is one that you will have to live with both in the short term - not driving now, and the long term - the license suspension is on your permanent driving record.

Short term consequences

In North Carolina, you can lose your driving privileges for 30 days to one year for your first DUI. If it was your second offence, and you blow a .04 percent you can lose your license for up to four years. After the license suspension is over, you will likely have to retake the written and driving test as well as pay fines. If you had a summer job lined up, this will be a problem.

Long term consequences

Because your DUI will be on your permanent driving record, it will impact your car insurance rates moving forward. It will also directly impact your employment opportunities as it will show up in background checks.

Getting your license back now

In North Carolina, you can look into a limited license restoration which is available in certain specific circumstances. There is a procedure to follow. You can also fight your case with the help of an experienced attorney.

It would be a shame if a mistake hurt your future

North Carolina takes a DUI charge seriously, and if you received a DUI, whether it is your first or fourth, it is important to take them seriously too.

An experienced defense attorney can help you be aware of your options. They also can help you fight to reduce the short term and long term impact of the DUI.