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Dysart Willis

January 2017 Archives

Dysart Willis Announces New Partner

Dysart Willis is excited to announce that Joe Houchin has been named a firm partner after previously serving as an associate attorney. "Dysart Willis provides the best in criminal defense representation," Houchin said. "I'm honored to move into a partnership role and look forward to continuing the tradition the firm has established of providing unparalleled service for our clients."

Survey shows opposing viewpoints about police shootings

One of the biggest social issues currently facing our country is the tension between law enforcement and the public. Over the past two or three years, bystanders and witnesses have recorded numerous videos of police interactions (including here in North Carolina) that escalated quickly and has, on more than one occasion, ended in the death of a suspect. In some of these cases, the suspects were black and the officers were white.

North Carolina federal judge sentences man to 20 years in child porn case

As regular readers of our Raleigh criminal law blog know, we have several times written about the sprawling Playpen child pornography case that stretches across the nation. A federal judge here in North Carolina recently sentenced a co-administrator of the site to 20 years in prison.

Federal Misdemeanor Docket Moves to Raleigh

Dysart Willis offers comprehensive criminal defense representation in federal courts across North Carolina. Following Hurricane Matthew and the resulting damage to the federal courthouse in Fayetteville, cases that would traditionally be set in Fayetteville have been forced to move to other locations across the Eastern District of North Carolina. 

Dozens of North Carolina drugs, weapons arrests

If you drive due east from Raleigh for about an hour and 20 minutes or so, you will come to Greenville and Pitt County, North Carolina. That is where law enforcement officials recently spent three days in pursuit of alleged offenders with outstanding warrants and who were believed to be breaking drug laws or to be in gangs.

Raleigh TV station: Officer resigns after arrest video surfaces

Raleigh's Channel 11 reported late last week that a police officer resigned after video surfaced that showed him punching a woman in the face while he was arresting her. Officials said the officer had committed at least six department policy violations.

How long until I can drive again after a DUI?

You were out celebrating the end of finals week. You were exhausted after the all night-er you pulled to study for the last exam but wanted to celebrate with your friends. You didn't notice that you shouldn't drive. The police, however, did. They pulled you over and asked you to do a breathalyzer which you failed.