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Dysart Willis

Drug charges filed following 5 heroin overdoses in 1 week

In North Carolina, even seemingly insignificant drug-related charges can have severe consequences. Individuals who are facing drug charges -- regardless of whether they are misdemeanors or complicated conspiracy and drug trafficking offenses -- may benefit significantly from professional legal guidance. After their recent arrests, four Bayboro residents will likely seek such support.

Following five recent heroin overdoses in Pamlico County within one week, an investigation was launched. Surveillance led investigators to a residence in Bayboro, where a search warrant was executed. Multiple items were seized during the search, including packaged and unpackaged heroin, prescription medication and cocaine along with packaging materials and scales. Following the search, three individuals -- ages 48, 24 and 27 -- were arrested. Officers also determined that the 48-year-old male was a fugitive of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety out of New Hannover County.

This followed the arrest of a woman who was taken into custody at a traffic stop on the previous day. A vehicle search followed an alert by a K-9 officer, where several forms of drug paraphernalia, including scales and baggies, were seized. Authorities said that further investigation determined that the woman was concealing a quantity of prescription medication and heroin internally. All four suspects are awaiting court appearances.

The choice of legal counsel can make a substantial difference to the outcome of any case in a North Carolina criminal court. An experienced criminal defense attorney will thoroughly examine all of the evidence brought about by the prosecution, and will develop the best possible defense strategy for the defendant. Obtaining a knowledgeable criminal defense team when facing the serious consequences of drug charges could make a significant difference in the severity of any punishment, or, in some cases, could lead to the charges being dismissed altogether.