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Prescription drug charges filed against North Carolina woman

When patients visit a doctor, they are asked to provide information regarding their medical history, including the medication currently taken. For someone who is ill or in pain, it is easy to overlook some details regarding medications. Unfortunately, police in North Carolina apparently believe that a woman deliberately withheld information from her doctors, resulting in an arrest and prescription drug charges.

Police say that the recent arrest came as a result of actions that occurred between Sept. 2015 and May 2016. According to their claims, the woman visited four different health care providers. She was allegedly given 25 prescriptions for hydromorphone and oxycodone. Police believe that she did not inform any of the doctors of prescriptions the other medical care providers wrote for her.

According to reports, the prescriptions resulted in 600 doses of hydromorphone and over 2,300 of oxycodone. She faces several charges as a result, including possession of a schedule II controlled substance and withholding information from a health care provider. She is being held on a bond of $15,000.

There are likely many patients in North Carolina who accidentally forget to disclose certain information to their medical care providers. For most, this omission is not due to criminal intent, but simply an oversight. Despite this, a woman is now facing several drug charges and may not be prepared for the decisions she must now make that will ultimately have a significant impact on her future. Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney can help her understand the process and the potential outcomes of the different paths she has the option of pursuing.

Source:, "Rockingham woman arrested on Moore County prescription drug charges", July 14, 2016