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Fighting drug charges in North Carolina

It seems that whenever a person turns on the news, he or she hears about the so-called war on drugs. Because some officials in North Carolina are determined to show progress in their efforts to rid the streets of illegal drugs, authorities can sometimes be overzealous in their prosecution, often resulting in charges that are not supported by evidence. Fortunately, Dysart Law is willing and able to help you make informed choices about your case if you face drug charges as well as act as an advocate on your behalf.

Those prosecuted for various drug offenses may either be charged at the state or federal level. The origination of the charges can impact the evidence that can be used against you as well as the severity of the consequences of a conviction. However, Dysart Law has experience with such cases, allowing us to fully understand the process of both state and federal charges.

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to successfully negotiate for dismissals or reductions of drug charges. In North Carolina, there is also the option of conditional discharges or deferral agreements if it is your first offense. These options could result in a dismissal of charges if the accused completes a program.

Facing drug charges is a daunting situation for many people in North Carolina. However, the experienced team at Dysart Law can help you understand the charges against you as well as your options and potential outcomes. An initial consultation can give us a better understanding of your case and the options that may be available to you.