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July 2016 Archives

Prescription drug charges filed against North Carolina woman

When patients visit a doctor, they are asked to provide information regarding their medical history, including the medication currently taken. For someone who is ill or in pain, it is easy to overlook some details regarding medications. Unfortunately, police in North Carolina apparently believe that a woman deliberately withheld information from her doctors, resulting in an arrest and prescription drug charges.

Fighting drug charges in North Carolina

It seems that whenever a person turns on the news, he or she hears about the so-called war on drugs. Because some officials in North Carolina are determined to show progress in their efforts to rid the streets of illegal drugs, authorities can sometimes be overzealous in their prosecution, often resulting in charges that are not supported by evidence. Fortunately, Dysart Law is willing and able to help you make informed choices about your case if you face drug charges as well as act as an advocate on your behalf.