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Criminal defense following attempted murder charge

There is much debate about treatment of the mentally ill. Despite the debate, some people who suffer find it difficult to seek help either because they do not know where to go or cannot afford help. A woman in North Carolina who reportedly has a history of mental illness may be considering her criminal defense after she was arrested and charged with attempted homicide.

The arrest followed an incident in mid-May. According to reports, the 41-year-old woman drove her car into a lake while both she and her 6-year-old son were inside. Fortunately, a family that was nearby was able to rescue them. While reports indicate that there were alcohol bottles floating around the car, it is unclear if there is definitive evidence linking the bottles to the woman.

Police claim that the woman told them what she was worried that her son was a target of a terrorist organization. She reportedly felt that killing him was the only option to protect him. A suicide note is said to have been discovered near the scene, and evidence in the car indicated that the woman had a history of mental health issues. She has since been charged with attempted murder.

There are several options in regard to a criminal defense of the charges filed against the woman in North Carolina. Despite the evidence that police claim they found at the scene, it is entirely possible that the incident was an accident. Additionally, the papers stating the woman suffered from a mental illness could indicate that she is in need of a psychiatric evaluation and help, which may raise questions about her capacity to form the intent required by the criminal statute charged. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help ensure that the rights of the woman are protected throughout criminal proceedings.

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