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North Carolina homicide case leaves father facing murder charges

For many in North Carolina, the death of a loved one is the worst thing imaginable. Unfortunately, one man is not only facing such a loss as a result of an alleged homicide, but he must also cope with allegations that he is responsible for his wife and young child's deaths. He recently appeared in court after being released from the hospital.

Police say that they man killed his 40-year-old wife and 2-year-old daughter. Postings on social media reportedly led to the discovery of the alleged crimes. Police say that after he killed his wife and daughter, he posted a picture of the two bodies. Additional posts appeared to indicate that he intended to harm himself.

Family members who do not live in the area reportedly saw the posts and alerted authorities. The two bodies were discovered by police at the family's home afterward. The man was hospitalized for several weeks following the discovery -- appearing to suffer from wounds to his neck -- but he has since been released and has already appeared in court for the first time. If convicted of the charges against him, he could spend the rest of his life in prison or face the death penalty.

Given the alleged circumstances surrounding the homicide case, it is easy to make assumptions regarding guilt. However, there are alternative scenarios that must be explored, including that the man may have discovered his family after they were already deceased. Additionally, it may be necessary to determine that the man was not suffering from some sort of mental illness that may have influenced his actions. Because of the severity of the charges and potential consequences, the man could choose to seek the guidance of a North Carolina defense attorney who has defended clients in similar cases.

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