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Dysart Willis

Officials charge 4 men with drug offenses in North Carolina

There can be negative consequences to drug use. As a result, many officers of the law are dedicated to arresting people believed to be involved with manufacturing and/or selling drugs. Unfortunately, this dedication could lead to snap judgments and potentially result in arrests related to alleged to drug offenses that are not supported by evidence. In fact, some people may be wondering what led to the arrests of four men in North Carolina on federal drug charges.

Reports indicate that police have joined with state and federal officials to conduct ongoing investigations into activity related to the sale and manufacture of methamphetamine. In the same county as the recent arrest of these four men, authorities reportedly discovered 27 meth labs in 2015. Twenty people were convicted of charges stemming from activity related to meth.

The four recently arrested men ranged in age from 38 to 49. Reports indicate that the remains of meth labs were discovered in three of the four men's residences at the time of the arrest while nothing was found in the remaining defendant's house. All of the men face a charge related to conspiracy while two of the men face additional charges of possession with the intent to distribute and weapons charges.

The desire of federal and North Carolina authorities to fight illegal drug use is understandable. However, in order for people to be convicted of drug offenses, there must be sufficient evidence to support the claims. Those in a similar situation have chosen to seek the assistance of an attorney with experience with criminal charges. By doing so, the defendants are likely more prepared to decide whether to fight the charges in criminal court or attempt to negotiate a plea deal.

Source:, "4 Richmond County men indicted on federal meth charges", William R. Toler, Feb. 16, 2016