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Dysart Willis

North Carolina police officer accused of rape

One of the remarkable things about the justice system is that anyone can make allegations against another. Regardless of the allegations made, however, the accused is considered innocent until proved otherwise. As in all cases, the North Carolina prosecutors will have to prove a police officer is guilty of rape after he was charged following allegations made by his adopted daughter.

The young woman, now 18, made the allegations against her 42-year-old adopted father in Feb. 2016. She reportedly told police that the sexual offenses began in Aug. 2009 and continued to Jan. 2016. Because of her claims, an investigation was launched, and the man has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes.

While he worked as a school resource officer, reports indicate that the alleged acts did not occur while he was working. He has since been suspended without pay as the investigation is ongoing. It is unclear if there is any evidence, beyond the allegations of the teenager, that supports the charges. Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding the case contact them.

Allegations of rape and other sexual offenses deserve a thorough investigation. However, as with all criminal cases, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. Because many cases such as this are based on one person's word against another, it is often difficult to provide sufficient evidence to meet this standard. Due to the serious nature of the accusations against the North Carolina man, he may choose to seek the guidance of an attorney with experience with such cases to ensure that he receives lawful treatment.

Source:, "Concord officer charged with sex crimes against teenager", March 23. 2016