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Dysart Willis

Ex-boyfriend arrested in North Carolina homicide

When a young person dies as a result of mysterious circumstances, families -- understandably -- demand justice. Because of this, police and other authorities are eager to provide answers and make an arrest. In many cases, this could mean that police make decisions based past experience rather than conducting a thorough investigation. For example, it is sometimes easy to assume that a homicide victim's significant other is the guilty party. A young man in North Carolina has recently been arrested in connection with the alleged homicide of his former girlfriend.

Police claim that the deceased 19-year-old female was reported missing by her mother one morning on a day in mid-January. Her body was allegedly discovered in the car of her ex-boyfriend later that day. Reports indicate that the woman died as a result of gunshot wounds.

Her 20-year-old ex-boyfriend has since been arrested as a result of her death. He faces two charges -- larceny of a firearm and first-degree murder. There are many details regarding the case that are unclear at this time.

While the quest for justice after the unexpected death of a loved one is understandable, justice can only served after a thorough investigation has been conducted. North Carolina prosecutors must provide sufficient evidence to prove that the young man in this case is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Having an experienced defense attorney to provide advice has often been beneficial to those arrested in connection with a homicide case. With such guidance, a defendant is better prepared to make informed decisions about the direction of his or her case.

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