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Criminal and Regulatory Charges Against Business Owners

Businesses both large and small face a multitude of requirements and challenges. While each industry in North Carolina is different, the number of regulations, licensing requirements, and tax and payroll compliance impose a seemingly never ending maze of confusion. Even with the highest level of diligence, things can slip through the cracks. Whether its missed premium payments, failure to secure required licenses, or financial mix-ups, mistakes can have unfortunate consequences.

Oversights like these can usually be corrected quickly and easily. However, in certain circumstances, business owners can face criminal charges. North Carolina statutes codify some seemingly benign regulatory problems as criminal acts and charges can result. As we've written about previously, the North Carolina Industrial Commission can penalize employers for failure to secure workers' compensation insurance but criminal charges can also result. Additionally, well intentioned business owners are often surprised to realize that failure to properly license their business or the professionals engaged in their business can also lead to charges in certain circumstances. Some of the time, these charges can be resolved through proof of compliance with the applicable statute(s), however, cases involving more serious white collar charges including fraud, corporate investigations, or administrative hearings are more complex.

Even when dealing with matters where the resolution is relatively simple, it is a good idea to hire an attorney to solve not just that the current problem, but also assist in ensuring that civil and administrative requirements are met and that the problem is avoided in the future. This intersection of criminal, civil, and regulatory issues requires an attorney experienced in a variety of fields. Dysart Law has represented businesses and business owners facing these types of challenges. If you have a question involving your business or have received a criminal charge or citation, please give us a call to schedule a consultation