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North Carolina attorneys help with federal charges, such as fraud

There are hundreds of people each year who face criminal charges in North Carolina, many of whom have little to no experience with the state court system. To further complicate a situation, some criminal charges, including fraud accusations, are filed in federal court. Because of the complexities of the federal court system, you need an experienced legal team on your side.

Dysart Law has extensive experience defending clients in federal court and can help you respond to any charges filed against you. We are familiar with the potential consequences of a conviction, including mandatory sentences and how sentences are calculated under federal guidelines. Many people in North Carolina facing federal or state charges choose the experienced attorneys at Dysart Law to protect their interests.

We have experience with a variety of different federal charges, including child pornography,  fraud, firearm offenses, robberies, drunk driving and fishing and trapping violations, among others. We understand the implications of a conviction for both you and your family. As a result, we will fight aggressively for you and work to protect your interests at all stages of the proceedings.

Because of the lack of legal experience of most people who face federal charges such as fraud or kidnapping, they often unprepared for the process. Fortunately, the attorneys at Dysart Law have the experience and dedication needed to adequately and appropriately respond to the formal accusations. We are committed to providing our clients with straightforward advice and ongoing support to help them make the best decisions for each unique situation.