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Dysart Willis

Woman faces criminal charges after homicide

When a suspicious death occurs, authorities must work to figure out the cause of the death and the events leading up to it. By providing answers and assigning blame, police are hoping to provide surviving loved ones with a sense of justice and restore a sense of safety in the community. However, a homicide investigation is complex and often requires time in order to answer all the questions stemming from a death. One woman in North Carolina has recently found herself facing criminal charges after police were called to the scene of an alleged shooting.

Police first received 911 calls at approximately 8 p.m. one evening in mid-December. A neighbor reported hearing two or three gunshots at around the same time. When they arrived, they discovered a deceased 51-year-old man.

A medical examiner recently stated that the man had been shot in the chest multiple times with a 12-gauge shotgun. A 47-year-old woman is charged with first degree murder in his death and is currently being held without bond. Many of the details regarding the shooting are unclear at this time, including a possible motive as well as the relationship between the accused and the deceased.

While the need for justice after a suspicious homicide is understandable, making accusations that are unsupported by evidence does not deliver justice. In order to gain a conviction, North Carolina prosecutors must provide evidence that proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard is often difficult to meet and is purposely set high in order to avoid wrongful convictions. Many people who find themselves facing such accusations benefit from the help of a seasoned criminal defense attorney who is willing to fight on their behalf, both in and out of the courtroom.

Source:, "UPDATE: Medical Examiner Says Shotgun Was Used in Homicide", Jaimee R. Langton and Justin Hinton, Dec. 13, 2015