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Dysart Willis

Arrest follows sex offenses charges against North Carolina woman

It is important that true victims of crimes receive the justice they deserve. While a thorough investigation may be warranted, however, accusations alone should not result in charges and especially should not result in a conviction unless there is sufficient evidence to support such accusations. Although a woman in North Carolina has recently been arrested on charges related to sex offenses, it is unclear what evidence detectives have to support these charges.

The accusations involve a 43-year-old woman and an alleged victim who is now 17, but was 13 at the time the incidents were said to have occurred. Police say that the abuse took place over the course of approximately two months -- from Dec. 2011 to Jan. 2012. It is unclear how detectives discovered the alleged incidents.

Detectives claim that they are releasing few details of the alleged crime at this time in order to protect the case as well as the identity of the alleged victim. The woman now faces multiple charges, including statutory rape, incest, taking indecent liberties with a child and child abuse. She is currently being held on a $430,000 bond. Additionally, she is not allowed to have contract with the teenager involved in the case as part of the charges she faces.

The accusations the woman faces are serious and may have serious consequences on the rest of her life, even if found not guilty. In order to obtain a conviction of these sex offenses, however, North Carolina prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This standard, purposefully set high in order to avoid wrongful convictions, is often difficult to meet.

Source:, "Marion woman charged with multiple sex offenses", Dec. 18, 2015