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Dysart Willis

November 2015 Archives

Suspect in North Carolina homicide killed; girlfriend arrested

One of the cornerstones of this country is the Constitution and the rights it affords. Many rights stemming from the document deal with how those suspected of a crime will be treated, including the presumption of innocence. As a result, all those suspected of a crime are considered innocent unless proved otherwise. Despite this right, it is easy for those in law enforcement to jump to conclusions without the benefit of a fair trial. Unfortunately, one suspect is dead after he became a suspect in a North Carolina double homicide, and his girlfriend was arrested and is accused of accessory after the fact.

First time charged with a crime? You may be eligible to earn a dismissal.

Many of our clients are first time offenders and have never had any experience with the criminal justice system. Often these clients are high school or college students that made a mistake involving drugs, alcohol, or shoplifting that they are trying to correct. Outside of general anxieties, the most common question is what type of consequences they can expect to see in court.

Arrest made in North Carolina campus homicide

For many, college is a time to experiment and to experience a certain amount of freedom. Unfortunately, one student's college experience was cut short after North Carolina police say that he was murdered on campus. A former student of the same college has since been arrested in connection with the alleged homicide.