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Dysart Willis

Coach in North Carolina accused of sex offenses

Many coaches have the ability to reach a child in a way that a parent may not be able to accomplish. Unfortunately, parents may begin to question a close relationship between a coach and the children that he or she coaches, even if the relationship is innocuous. A North Carolina man who served as a gymnastic coach in businesses he owned, as well as on a contractual basis with other gyms, has recently been charged with sex offenses as a result of his alleged relationship with three children.

The 39-year-old man was arrested in late September. While it is known that the charges against him relate to three different children that he apparently coached, many of the details regarding the case are unclear, including what brought him to the attention of the authorities. Police note that he is considered innocent unless proved otherwise; however, they have also warned the general public that he has behaved in a way that is indicative of a repeat sexual offender regarding children. Details regarding that alleged behavior were not reported.

Police are asking parents to discuss the coach's behavior with their children, seeking information about any inappropriate interactions the children may have made with him. The authorities have even offered to provide personnel who can speak with children regarding such interactions if parents are uncomfortable doing so. Members of the man's community have expressed shock over his recent arrest, claiming that he had a reputation of being an effective coach.

It is important for officials in North Carolina to investigate allegations of sexual offenses; however, it is equally important to realize the impact that accusations can have on a person's future livelihood. As police involved in this case have stated, each person facing criminal charges is presumed innocent until and unless proved otherwise. Unfortunately, comments made by officials involved in this case may be an indicator of the difficulty some people have regarding a presumption of innocence in regard to alleged sex offenses involving children. In order to help ensure fair treatment, many people have sought the guidance of an experienced criminal law attorney. By doing so, defendants are better prepared to make important decisions regarding the direction their case while ensuring lawful treatment throughout the process.

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