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Dysart Willis

Dysart Law wins DWI appeal

Dysart Law is thrilled to report that the firm recently achieved a not guilty jury verdict for a client in Wake County Superior Court. The case was on appeal following a conviction in district court.

The focus of the case was whether the defendant was driving the vehicle on the date and time of the incident. Operation of a vehicle is an essential element of the crime of driving while impaired, which the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Following two days of trial, the jury sided with the defense and found that the State had not presented sufficient evidence to show that the defendant was operating the car. Upon deliberation, the client was found not guilty on the charges of DWI and Failure to Maintain Lane Control.  

If you are facing a charge of driving while impaired or have recently been convicted of DWI and are interested in discussing an appeal, contact our office to speak with an attorney. Even in cases where a trial may be impractical, Dysart Law has a history of successfully helping clients achieve satisfactory results.