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Dysart Willis

Arrests made in North Carolina double homicide

Officials in North Carolina say they have been working hard on an investigation into the death of two people. The double homicide has recently resulted in three arrests, including one of the victim's nephews. While police are hopeful that the arrests will provide some peace for people in the community, it is unclear what led police to the three defendants.

The two victims, a 55-year-old female and 53-year-old male, were discovered when police officers were asked to conduct a welfare check. It is unclear how long the victims had been there. Neighbors said they thought the woman had been moving out of her apartment and did not find it odd that they hadn't seen her in several days.

Of the three people arrested, two were charged with theft of a vehicle and financial card theft. The third person, the female victim's 25-year-old nephew, faces the same charges as well as murder charges. Police claim that the female victim's truck was recovered with the three who were arrested.

There are many unanswered questions in regard to the homicide accusations. For example, neighbors claim that the nephew had been helping his aunt move, and it is unclear what police think could have transpired that would have led to such a tragic outcome. Because the average person in North Carolina has little experience with the legal system, many facing criminal charges seek the guidance of attorney with criminal defense experience. Such a person can help in several capacities, including preparing for trial while also, when appropriate, negotiating lesser charges and/or a reduced sentence in a plea deal.

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