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Dysart Willis

Guilty plea in North Carolina double homicide

Police claim they found the people behind the deaths of two people in North Carolina. Years after the crime reportedly took place, two suspects have pleaded guilty as a result of the alleged homicide. Jury selection is set to begin for a third person believed to be involved in the murder of each individual.

The incident occurred in 2011. Police speculate that three people conspired to rob a 30-year-old suspected drug dealer. A 21-year-old man, who was 16 at the time of the event, was allegedly supposed to ensure that the man was asleep and his door unlocked when two others arrived to steal money and drugs.

However, reports indicate that the victim was awake, and a second victim, an 18-year-old female, was also present. One of the men accused in the murders reportedly says he thought the male victim was going to shoot him, so he fired. The female victim was then shot, and the apartment set on fire. This man pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges in March.

The young man allegedly tasked with ensuring the door was unlocked was originally accused of murder and possession of a weapon while committing a crime. However, in exchange for a guilty plea, his charges were reduced to voluntary manslaughter with the weapons charge dismissed. The murder charges carried a life sentence as opposed to the voluntary manslaughter charges, which carry up to 30 years each. The third man, who is also accused of murder, awaits trial.

A person facing criminal charges in a homicide case can benefit from an experienced criminal attorney in a variety of ways. In addition to taking appropriate action in the event their rights have been violated, an attorney can prepare for trial while also pursuing the possibility of negotiating a plea deal. In some cases, a defendant may choose to accept a plea deal carrying a lighter sentence rather than risking a conviction of more serious charges and a harsher sentence. With the help of an attorney in North Carolina, those facing such charges are more equipped to make informed decisions regarding how their case will proceed.

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