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Dysart Willis

Charges for 471 sex offenses filed against North Carolina man

Most pre-teens in North Carolina likely have a relatively carefree life. Despite demands placed on them by school and other activities, worries are likely few, and they may be relatively innocent, harmless middle schoolers. However, police claim that one man has been committing crimes against children even when he was essentially a child himself. He has recently been arrested and charged with 471 sex offenses.

While the man is currently 32 years old, police believe that his criminal acts began approximately 20 years ago, when he was approximately 12 years old. Details regarding the alleged criminal acts are unclear. However, police say that the charges against the man involve three victims.

He currently faces over 150 counts of taking indecent liberties with a child and over 150 counts of committing crimes against nature. Additionally, he is charged with 156 counts of first-degree sexual offense. A conviction of just one count of the first-degree sexual offense charge alone could potentially result in 23 years in jail. It is not clear what brought police scrutiny to the man so many years after some of the alleged events occurred. He has no prior criminal record.

The consequences of these allegations for sex offenses are serious. The average person in North Carolina likely has little experience with how the criminal justice system works and limited knowledge regarding what rights he or she may have. As a result, many defendants find it helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced defense attorney. Such a person can advise his or her clients about their rights as well as take appropriate action if rights are violated. Seeking an attorney could be the first step to easing the stress created by a daunting situation.

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