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4 people charged in North Carolina homicide

Some would argue that being a teenager is one of the most difficult stages of life. Because of peer pressure, for example, some teenagers in North Carolina might act in a way that is extremely out of character. Unfortunately, four people, including three teens, are now facing criminal charges after a homicide.

The incident occurred in June. Police claim that four people, a 20 year old, an 18 year old and two 17 year olds planned to meet with a 16-year old female. Reports indicate that the purpose of the meeting was a drug transaction, but the exact details of the intended exchange are unclear.

The drug sale allegedly turned into a robbery of the younger teen. An altercation apparently broke out. The younger woman then reportedly fell from a truck driven by one of the 17 year olds. The victim was transported to the hospital, but passed away. The four people are now charged with first-degree murder.

The death of this young woman is tragic for all involved. Essentially the lives of five young people and their families will be forever altered. There are many details about this alleged homicide that are unclear at this time, including why all four of the people were charged, why the young victim was in the truck and what led police to the four people now accused of murder. They will likely want an experienced North Carolina attorney to help guide them through the case. Such a professional can fight for them in court and negotiate a plea deal that could potentially result in reduced charges and/or a lighter sentence.

Source:, "Four charged with murder in hit-and-run death of NC teen", June 28, 2015