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Dysart Willis

July 2015 Archives

Guilty plea in North Carolina double homicide

Police claim they found the people behind the deaths of two people in North Carolina. Years after the crime reportedly took place, two suspects have pleaded guilty as a result of the alleged homicide. Jury selection is set to begin for a third person believed to be involved in the murder of each individual.

Charges for 471 sex offenses filed against North Carolina man

Most pre-teens in North Carolina likely have a relatively carefree life. Despite demands placed on them by school and other activities, worries are likely few, and they may be relatively innocent, harmless middle schoolers. However, police claim that one man has been committing crimes against children even when he was essentially a child himself. He has recently been arrested and charged with 471 sex offenses.

First Appearances and Bond Hearings

If you or a family member has been arrested and charged with a crime, it is important to get a lawyer involved early in the process.  Upon arrest, a defendant has a constitutional right to know what crime(s) he or she faces, which usually takes place at what's referred to as a "first appearance."

What to expect in Wake County criminal court

Whether it's a simple traffic ticket or a serious felony charge, appearing in court can be intimidating and stressful.  Even with an attorney, navigating the process can be a challenge. Here's a quick breakdown of the recommendations we make to our clients before their court date:

4 people charged in North Carolina homicide

Some would argue that being a teenager is one of the most difficult stages of life. Because of peer pressure, for example, some teenagers in North Carolina might act in a way that is extremely out of character. Unfortunately, four people, including three teens, are now facing criminal charges after a homicide.