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Dysart Willis

North Carolina man arrested, accused of uncle's homicide

When someone dies in a tragic and unexpected manner, it is only natural that the person's loved ones and members of his or her community want answers, in part to provide closure and to also ensure that others are not at risk. However, people may never know exactly what happened leading to a person's death. Despite uncertainties surrounding a North Carolina man's death, his nephew now faces charges related to homicide.

The victim's daughter claims that her cousin, her father's nephew, was scheduled to appear in court in the area on a drunk driving charge. Her father, she says, offered for the 33-year-old man to stay in his home. However, the man now accused of murder says he woke up the next morning to discover that his uncle was dead.

Family members say they initially suspected suicide. However, the victim's daughter says that supposition came into doubt when the nephew told 911 operators that he could not find a gun. The daughter claims, however, that police officers located the gun some distance from the body. Officials claim that the nephew fled to Canada, where he has since been arrested and faces extradition.

While North Carolina investigators claim there is enough evidence to support claims related to homicide, it is unclear what that evidence may be. The location of the gun in relation to the body of the deceased may play an important role in court. The man will likely want an experienced criminal attorney at his side as he maneuvers the criminal justice system to fight for him and ensure that he is treated lawfully throughout the process.

Source:, "Man accused of murdering his own uncle in Camden County's first homicide in 10 years", Becca Mitchell and Marissa Jasek, May 14, 2015