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Dysart Willis

January 2015 Archives

Undercover cops out to stop texting and driving

We know that the driving public has a beef against distracted drivers; particularly those who are paying more attention to their phones than to the drivers around them. This feeling is likely directed towards younger drivers who appear to live and die with the next Twitter post or Facebook update. Indeed, the law in North Carolina is that drivers may not create, send or read text messages while operating a motor vehicle.

Should more people use personal breathalyzers?

It is no secret that drunk driving continues to be a problem in North Carolina. The public safety threat is obvious, as nearly 12,000 people each year are killed in accidents involving at least one driver who was impaired. Also, DUI has become one of the most common types of motor vehicle arrests in the United States.

Can the 'odor' of alcohol lead to an arrest?

If you are arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, chances are that there will be a police report detailing the officer’s reasons for taking you into custody. It is likely that in the report, there will be some mention of the officer smelling an “odor of alcohol” coming from you (or the vehicle). Essentially, this is likely the first in a set of facts to justify an arrest.