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Additional drunk driving patrols expected during Christmas week

Next week is going to be another huge travel event, even though it is the last one of 2014. According to the American Automobile Association, millions of Americans will be taking to the roads to get to loved ones to celebrate Christmas. While this may lead to considerable traffic and short tempers (because of traffic), law enforcement agencies across North Carolina will be actively looking for drunk drivers.

Indeed, there are some obvious reasons. It is against the law in North Carolina to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of .08 or above.

However, it is the potential consequences that can come from auto accidents caused by drunk drivers that really drives the push to keep dangerous drivers off the road. After all, accidents during the holiday season are especially tragic, and they can garner headlines that put additional pressure on law enforcement. As such, there will likely be an increase in enforcement this week and next.

While many of our readers will understand that additional DWI patrols will be out, not everyone knows how much alcohol will bring a person to that level of being charged with a crime. The common notion of drunk driving is that a person must be stumbling and incoherent before being ripe for a drunk driving arrest. However, being tipsy or “buzzed” could be enough to lead to an arrest. Because of this, it is important for drivers to watch what they consume before driving, or have a designated driver.

The preceding is not legal advice. For questions on your situation, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.