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Many people make the simple mistake of pleading guilty to a traffic offense thinking that it won't affect their record. Many also appear in court intending to represent themselves.

Both can be risky and ultimately very costly. Having an attorney to appear on your behalf in court can make all the difference in your case.

How Dysart Willis Can Help Your Situation

Our team of attorneys represents clients throughout Raleigh, North Carolina, who are facing traffic tickets, traffic violations, DWI/DUI/OUI and other state criminal offenses. We know the law and can take the burden off your shoulders.

In many situations, an attorney from Dysart Willis can represent you by waiver, avoiding the inconvenience of having to appear in court.

Handling Many Types Of Traffic Violations

Dysart Willis handles the following state and federal traffic offenses, and any others you might face, including:

Traffic Citations On Federal Land

Dysart Willis vigorously represents clients charged in the E.D.N.C. with speeding on federal land, federal DWI/DUI/OUI, federal traffic offenses and federal misdemeanors.

Federal traffic citations originating on the Outer Banks, along the National Seashore, on National Park Service land, at any of North Carolina's national wildlife refuges, or within a national forest can potentially impact your driving privileges in your home state and may raise your insurance premiums.

Potential Repercussions

You should come to Dysart Willis before your court date and find out what your defense options are.

There are potentially serious implications with both the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles and your insurance if you are convicted of a traffic offense.

This can include license restrictions, loss of your license and heightened insurance payments. Come to Dysart Willis before your first court date, and we will develop an effective legal strategy to pursue.

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