Helping You Obtain A Limited Driving Privilege

Guidance Throughout The Process

A DUI, failure to pay a court fine or speeding ticket—there are lots of reasons why individuals get their driver's license taken away.

However, under North Carolina law, individuals with a revoked or suspended license can request a limited driving privilege.

But there's a procedure involved and getting your license reinstated is limited to certain circumstances.

Getting an attorney who has handled these matters for others is extremely important.

Reaching Out To Our Legal Team

At Dysart Willis, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we can help. We know just how important your vehicle is to get to and from work, school and other important places.

We have helped many individuals in your same situation, handling the hearing process with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles and obtaining license reinstatement.

How long you must wait will often depend on your circumstances. Some individuals will be eligible for a hearing after 30 days; others must wait one year or possibly three.

You won't know until you reach out to our team.

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