Defense For Individuals In Raleigh Facing State Drug Charges

Even a seemingly simple drug charge in North Carolina can have significant consequences. This is especially true if the case is initially charged as a felony offense.

Your choice in legal counsel for your case can make a significant difference and directly impact the outcome of your case.

Experienced, Skilled Legal Team

At Dysart Willis, our attorneys defend individuals in North Carolina facing both state and federal drug charges. We are a highly reputable criminal defense law firm that is known for being led by an experienced, skilled legal team that takes initiative in the courtroom.

Attorney Ryan Willis has been certified as a specialist in criminal law by the North Carolina State Bar. He was also a former prosecutor, having handled many jury trials involving all types of drug cases.

Attorney Christian Dysart is a highly skilled federal criminal defense lawyer. He understands the intricacies of effectively handling drug charges from misdemeanor charges to complicated drug trafficking and conspiracy offenses.

Negotiating A Deferral—Or Even A Dismissal—For Your State Charge

Depending on the charges and your criminal history, there may be opportunity for Dysart Willis to negotiate reductions or even work toward a dismissal. North Carolina offers deferral agreements and conditional discharges for certain first-time offenders. Upon completion of a program, you may be able to get your criminal charges dismissed.

Meet with our attorneys, and we can discuss your situation and explore this possibility.

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We also handle defense against federal drug cases.