Has Your Loved One Been Arrested? Let Us Help With The Bail Process.

What Is A Bond Hearing?

In basic terms, an individual in North Carolina who has been arrested is entitled to a bond or detention hearing to determine if he or she will be allowed to post bail (an amount to be paid to the court to ensure return for trial) and for how much.

The judge typically determines this. However, under North Carolina law, suspects are authorized to make a motion, or request, to modify the stipulated bond amount.

If you or your loved one has been arrested, getting an attorney to handle the process and the bond or detention hearing is vital.

Trials can and do take months. Without adequate representation, your loved one could be behind bars the entire time.

How Dysart Willis Can Help

At Dysart Willis, in Raleigh, we have assisted many people with a wide variety of criminal matters, including bond hearings.

From DUI charges in state court to litigating capital murder cases in front of a jury—we've handled them all.

Skillful Negotiators, Former Prosecution Experience

We are skillful negotiators with a thorough understanding of the procedures and parties involved, including prosecutors and judges.

One of our attorneys, Ryan Willis, has been certified as a specialist in criminal law by the North Carolina State Bar and previously worked as a former prosecutor in Wake County. He knows the law and what's needed to prove your case.

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