Ryan Willis:
*Client was charged in federal court with the felony offense of being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm. After negotiation with the US Attorney's Office, the felony gun charge was dismissed and our client entered a guilty plea for improper entry into the US and received credit for time served.
*Our client was charged with statutory rape and faced mandatory registration as a sex offender if convicted. We were able to work with a forensic expert and the district attorney's office to negotiate a guilty plea to a misdemeanor assault that did not require our client to register as a sex offender.
*Client charged with Felony Assault on a Police Officer, misdemeanor assault, and resisting an officer. After a jury trial where multiple police officers testified about the incident, our client was found not guilty of the felony Assault on a Police Officer. The jury found him guilty of misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest and he received a probationary sentence.
*Client investigated by federal law enforcement for possessing child pornography. Ryan began representing the client during the investigation and ultimately the client was not charged with any crimes.
*Client charged with the felony of taking indecent liberties with a minor child and faced registering as a sex offender if convicted. The case was ultimately dismissed after Ryan negotiated a course of treatment for the client that convinced the district attorney's office he was not a threat to reoffend.

Meredith Hubbard:
*Negotiated a plea to unsafe movement infraction from the original charges of misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and failure to stop for a stop sign.
*Obtained favorable trial result of not guilty on charges of simple assault and assault on a female.

Joseph Houchin:
*Not guilty Superior Court jury verdict following DWI trial based on State's failure to prove the defendant was driving the vehicle at the time a single-car accident occurred.

*Following unsuccessful District Court trial, appealed case to Superior Court and won motion to dismiss challenging the permissibility of "community caretaking" vehicle stop without reasonable suspicion as unconstitutional.

*Successfully saved North Carolina business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in civil penalties and fines sought by the North Carolina Industrial Commission under NCGS 97-94 including cases that were outright dismissed

James "Jimmy" Wilson:
*Represented a client in a Superior Court jury trial resulting in theCourt dismissing the charge at the close of the State's evidence
*Represented a client through the investigative phase of sexoffense allegations resulting in the case being closed with nocharges filed
*Negotiated reduction of felony sex offenses carrying mandatory active sentences to misdemeanors with a probationary sentence
*Negotiated reduction of Cocaine Trafficking and multiple firearms offenses carrying mandatory minimum active sentence toAttempted Trafficking and a probationary sentence
*Negotiated reduction of felony domestic violence charges including Common Law Robbery to a misdemeanor and aprobationary sentence