Defending Those Accused Of White Collar Crimes

Representing Raleigh, North Carolina, and surrounding areas.

White collar crimes, federal financial offenses and fraud charges often rely heavily on complex documentation and evidence from lengthy investigations.

As the prosecution builds its case, you want to be certain that your attorney is developing a strong defense strategy.

The earlier you get defense counsel on your side, the greater the likelihood that you get the best possible outcome given the circumstances of your case.

A Smaller Practice To Provide One-On-One Guidance To Our Clients

At Dysart Willis, we offer personalized legal representation for individuals located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and throughout the Eastern District of North Carolina on behalf of business organizations in matters related to white collar crimes.

We are not a high-volume law firm, but carefully select the work we undertake in order to provide the best service possible.

Extensive Expertise Handling Federal Criminal Matters

Our team also has extensive experience, with an in-depth knowledge of how the federal court law and procedures differ from state courts.

We often assist with clients facing:

Don't Delay. Reach Out To An Attorney.

As soon as you suspect you are under investigation or if you receive a target letter from the U.S. Attorney's Office, it's time to contact a defense lawyer immediately.

To schedule your free initial consultation, please contact us at 919-741-4825 or send us a confidential email. There is no risk in consulting with our legal team to discuss your options.

We will fight to protect your rights, keep you out of prison and keep your record clean.