Representing Raleigh Business Owners Facing Corporate Investigations

Corporate Investigations: Steps You Should Take

Corporate investigations can be invasive and will undoubtedly be disruptive to any business. Defense lawyers who fully understand the scope of how an investigation affects a business know that taking initiative in the case is key in protecting the organization and its principles.

At Dysart Willis, we represent clients in issues involving corporate investigations, and other white collar crimes. We are led by a highly skilled legal team and an attorney with extensive experience handling cases in State and Federal Court. Our services are sought throughout North Carolina because of our reputation and the level of commitment we provide to our clients.

Why You Need A Lawyer Representing Your Interests

Your career, business and future can be at stake once a corporate investigation starts. Lawyers advocating for the company are not necessarily advocating for individual directors or employees in criminal defense matters; in fact, often, the corporate interests and those of the individual are completely at odds. It is important that you get an opinion from a criminal defense lawyer who can advise you of your individual options and how you can protect your rights. Dysart Willis can step in at any point in the process to provide legal counsel and to discuss the potential legal issues you face.

Dysart Willis is focused almost entirely on state and federal criminal defense and has a well-earned reputation providing counsel for individuals in matters involving white collar crimes, fraud and other federal financial offenses. Once we have examined the evidence and facts of your case, we can determine a legal defense strategy that best protects your rights.

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