Federal Traffic Citations Defense For Those Located Throughout The Eastern District Of North Carolina

Federal traffic offenses are nothing to take lightly. The laws, procedures and sentencing guidelines differ than for state DWI/DUI/OUI offenses and related traffic crimes.

You do not want to risk getting your driving privileges suspended or revoked by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, suffer significant insurance premium increases, or pay hefty fines without the help of an attorney with experience handling federal DUI and other traffic offenses.

Defense For Traffic Offenses On Federal Land

At Dysart Willis, we represent clients in Raleigh, North Carolina and throughout Wake County, who are facing all types of federal DUI and traffic offenses:

  • Originating on the Outer Banks
  • Along the National Seashore
  • On National Park Service land
  • On North Carolina's national wildlife refuges
  • Within a national forest

Why You Should Never Handle Matters On Your Own

Many people make the simple mistake of either pleading guilty to a traffic offense thinking that it won't affect their record or representing themselves. Both are risky and likely costly in the long run.

Appearing in federal court without an experienced attorney can be overwhelming. Having an attorney to appear on your behalf in court can make all the difference in your case. In fact, an attorney may even represent you by waive without your appearance in court.

At Dysart Willis, our attorneys have helped many people in your same situation who have faced federal traffic charges.

Let Us Help You

Come to Dysart Willis before your first court date, and we will develop an effective legal strategy to pursue. There is no risk in consulting with our team to discuss the charges you are facing and your legal options.

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Dysart Willis also defends against state DWI/DUI/OUI and state traffic offenses. Click here to learn more.