Understanding Federal Drug Charges And The Need For A Skilled Attorney

The primary differences between state drug crimes versus federal drug violations is the severity of punishment and the evidence that can be used against you to potentially enhance your sentence if you are convicted.

The need for a skillful attorney, one with in-depth knowledge of criminal procedures and drug laws in North Carolina's federal courts cannot be stressed enough.

Without experienced representation, you risk being sentenced with the maximum punishment for the charges you are facing.

In-Depth Knowledge Of Federal Laws And Procedures

At Dysart Willis, we are seasoned criminal defense attorneys with years of experience handling federal offenses including drug violations.

One of our founding attorneys Christian Dysart is known for his experience and skills in federal court. He also maintains a proven track record of defending individuals facing drug crimes. He knows the federal criminal process and how to leverage different defense strategies to fully protect his clients' rights.

Our other founding attorney, Ryan Willis, also carries extensive experience in federal courts, having handled many jury trials. He has received certification as a specialist in criminal law by the North Carolina State Bar and was also a former prosecutor before moving into private practice, a skill many lawyers cannot claim.

Defense For Drug Charges Along The Outer Banks, National Seashore, Wildlife Refuge

We often represent individuals charged with federal misdemeanors along the Outer Banks by a U.S. park ranger, the Coast Guard, or by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at the National Seashore, or within a national park, wildlife refuge, or national forest.

Before your court date, call our lawyers at Dysart Willis for assistance.

Mitigating The Consequences Of A Drug Conviction

When working to mitigate the consequences of a federal drug offense, you can count on us to give you the facts — right from the start.

We take the time to explain the details of the charges you are facing, what the possible outcomes are, and what we can do to help avoid or reduce the possible sentence you face. In some situations, a negotiated deferral or dismissal of federal misdemeanor drug charges may be possible.

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