Defense Against Serious Federal Criminal Charges For The Eastern District Of North Carolina

How Federal Charges Are Different From State Law Charges

The structure of federal court is unique and vastly different from the state court system.

In federal court, the cases are different, the sentences are calculated differently, and the type of evidence that is admissible is different than in state court. There are even mandatory minimum sentences for certain federal offenses.

Additionally, federal prosecutors often exercise jurisdiction over what originally started as a state criminal charge. This means that your case could start out in state court, but end up in federal court.

Why You Should Hire Dysart Willis To Handle Your Federal Charges

At Dysart Willis, our attorneys focus almost exclusively on criminal defense matters for individuals in Raleigh, North Carolina, Wake County and the Eastern District of North Carolina, and are vastly familiar with both the state court system and federal court system.

One of our leading attorneys, Ryan Willis, is specialized by the North Carolina bar in criminal law and carries vast jury trial experience.

Our other founding attorney, Christian Dysart, has handled countless federal cases, and is extremely familiar with the law, procedures and parties involved.

Our Federal Defense Practice Areas

We can help you. Our lawyers often defend against:

  • Federal drug violations
  • Federal child pornography
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Fraud, including mail fraud, wire fraud and mortgage fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Firearm offenses
  • Robbery
  • Federal traffic violations including DWI/DUI/OUI charges
  • Federal waterfowl hunting charges
  • Federal fishing and trapping violations

Let Us Handle Your Appeal

Our team also handles appeals, often helping individuals appeal an outcome of their case or sentence received.

We also challenge post-conviction proceedings, representing individuals with what's referred to as a 2255 Motion or Rule 35 Motion for federal convictions.

Contact Our Team If You Need Experienced Representation

We know the seriousness of a federal prison sentence and the consequences of a federal conviction. We will do everything in our power to protect your interests.

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